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Old School Punk and Rock

For the Purist Fans

Punk and rock music from its golden years
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for fans of old school punk and rock, and the bands now who are trying to keep old tradition alive.
1.Please do not join if you do not have any interest in this type of music.
2.No bashing of any rock/punk. I'd prefer if you didn't bash any type of music, actually. This is an appreciation community, not a bashing one.
3.When you first join, make a post introducing yourself. Also, post once in a while to keep this place from dying.
4.Please, if you have a picture (especially) or a long entry, put it under an LJ cut. Code-
5.No racism, sexism, or any kind of other prejudice/harassment of other LJ users.
6.No breaking the regular LJ rules.
Other than that, have fun!