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Last week was the twentieth "EP On Three" (in which I play an entire classic 7", 10", or 12"ep) on the deadthyme radio show, in which I played the Gepopel - Parracide 7"ep. I also played a lot of other old punk 7"s, plus all the usual new stuff as well. If you'd like to check it out (download it), go here:

To see the playlist, go here:
playlist for 1/21/08:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
O.L.D. - I Laugh As I Chew... - Old Lady Drivers
Endeavor - Rowdy Roddy Piper's Pot Pie - Crazier Than a Shithouse Rat
Freya - Only the Martyrs - Lift the Curse
Antigama - Order - Resonance
Sin Orden - Razacore - Bastard Sons Of Apocalypse/ Sin Orden split 7"ep
PBK - Enmesh - Macrophage
Rotten Sound - Praise the Lord - Cycles
Warzone Womyn - Therapy Notes - Trapped In a Scene compilation
R.C. - Nuclear Warhead - Brown Cow 7"ep
Will - Visible Second Coming - Pearl of Great Price
The Exploited - Let's Start a War (Said Maggie One Day) - Let's Start a War (Said Maggie One Day)
Humungus - I Hate Motherfuckin Cops - I Hate Cops/ Reason To Care
The Mob (NY) - Fight For Right - Upset the System 7"ep
Sidetracked - On Edge/ Common Ground - In Disgust/ Sidetracked split 7"ep
Neanderthal - Kill, Eat and Breed - Fighting Music 7"ep
Cerebral Contusion - Hopelessly Dilluted Life - Apocalyptic Convulsions compilation 7"ep
After The Massacre - Ash Filled Lungs - A Future Disgarded To the Bonepits
Scheisse Minnelli - The Prom - Face First Records 4-Way Split compilation 7"ep
Intonarumori - Cel - Intonarumori
Hasbeen - Cacophony - demo
Anti-Cimex - When the Innocent Die - Raped Ass 7"ep
Bizarre X - Verbal Violence - Loaded For Bear/ Bizarre X split
Bio-Tek - Human Weapon - A God Ignored Is a Demon Born
Generic - The Oldest Trick In the Book - ...For a Free and Liberated South Africa 7"ep
Kiss It Goodbye - Helvetica - She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not...
G-Anx - The Narrow Path - Masterpiece 7"ep
Crime Desire - Submissive I.D. - In Lucifer's Grip 7"ep
Corrosion Of Conformity - Minds Are Controlled - Eye For An Eye
Reality Control - Forgive Me - Anti-Society compilation
D.I. - Money Machine - Taking Out a Little Agression- A Tribute To Agression compilation
Rotten Piece - Cramped Confines - Bomb Nostalgia
Khann - Silver Mouth - Tofutopia
Rorschach - Lightening Strikes Twice - Rorschach
Alchemist - God Shaped Hole - Tripsis
Pilger - Boycott - Counter Attack compilation
The Pist - Threat - Punk USA compilation
Concrete Facelift - Dust Off Your Board - Loud Fast Raw
Behind Enemy Lines - Third World Blood - One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God
Crowd Deterrent - No One - Harder They Fall- A Tribute To Integrity compilation
twentieth "Ep On 3" (in which I play an entire classic ep on the 3rd week of each month):
Gepopel - "Parracide" 7"ep; 1985, Diehard records
Citizens Patrol - Sick Routine - Sick Routine 7"ep
Antidote - Real Deal - Thou Shalt Not Kill 7"ep
Ruin - Fuck Authority - Ruin/ T.R.I.B.E. split
Divide And Conquer - Industrial Carpet Bagging - Anti Work Songs compilation
American Nightmare - Hearts - The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter ep
Societys Parasites - American Nightmare - Societys Parasites
Screams For Tina - In Her House - Screams For Tina
Sins Of The Flesh - Technology - Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers compilation 7"ep
Dirge - Threat of Power - Hardcore Breakout USA compilation
Vatican Commandos - Wonder Bread - Hit Squad For God 7"ep
Fratricide - Going Under - Pusmort Records compilation 7"ep
Spermbirds - All Those Memories - Set An Example
Manpack Variant - Matted Fur - Digitalis
Individual Totem - WWWW - Mothfly
Morphius - S.P.D. - The Accused/ Morphius split 7"ep
Injektion - Vi Som Trodde Vi Skulle Bli Natt - Nar Kommer Jesus? 7"ep
Detonators - Day To Day - Detonators/ Econochrist split 7"ep
Celibate Commandos - Kids On Milk Cartons - Celibate Commandos 7"ep
Half Japanese - Don't Go To Bed - Loud and Horrible
Paradise Lost - The Enemy - In Requiem
Bad Attitude - Sometimes - A Long Way... 7"ep
Articles Of Faith - What We Want Is Free - What We Want Is Free 7"ep
NOFX - Franco Unamerican (live) - They've Actually Gotten Worse Live
U.S.S.A. - Autumn Flowers - The Spoils

To see a list of ALL the "EP On Three's", all the playlists, a list of every song ever played alphabetized by artist (and the dates they were played), more show downloads, and a link to listen to the show online live (it comes on tonight at 3 AM US Central time), plus more, go to the website:
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