deadthyme (deadthyme) wrote in oldschool_punk,

For those ov you who kan't stay up, but want to hear it, here is the link to last night's deadthyme show (in shitty MP3 format):

The catch: this site is kinda lame. But it's the only upload site I could find that has no limits to how many times a file can be downloaded (and so many people complained when I put up the New Year's Noisefest that only had 25 downloads I wanted one that was unlimited).
Here's what you have to do: Go to the link above, and the page will come up. There will be a box near the top right side ov the screen, with a countdown ov 45 seconds. A small pop-up ad will pop up in front ov it. You have to exit out ov the pop-up and wait for the countdown to get to zero, then it will say "download" in the box that previously had the countdown in it. Click on download, and you can finally download the show.
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